Introducing HERE

Posted on March 4, 2013


The world’s most innovative smartphone is here in the Philippines. Two weeks after announcing the local availability of Lumia 820 and 620, Nokia Philippines has announced that the Lumia 920 has landed in the Philippines.

Nokia Lumia 920

One of the unique things with Nokia Lumia is the availability of the Location suite of apps.  Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia City Lens, and Nokia Transit work seamlessly in providing an amazing mapping experience for its users.  In the Mobile World Congress 2013, Nokia introduced HERE for Windows Phone 8.  Now, non Nokia Lumia devices can also enjoy an amazing mapping experience. With more users, better quality of data can be provided for everyone.  Of course, Nokia will still add features that are unique to Nokia Lumia users.

Nokia HERE

Learn more by going to HERE.

Images used courtesy of Nokia Philippines and Nokia Conversations.

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