Windows Phone 7.8 is here!

Posted on February 4, 2013


Last week was literally me and my phone’s anniversary, as we met each other exactly a year ago on the 31st.  Microsoft and Nokia surprised us with a gift: the Windows Phone 7.8 update.  Here are some of the new features I noticed:

Windows Phone 7.8

Start: Tiles can now be resized to wide, medium, and small sizes.  Office, Games, and Music+Videos tiles are refreshed to show the same tiles as Windows Phone 8.  The count for some tiles are now inside squares instead of circles.  I actually love how the new Music+Videos tile looks like.

Lock screen:  You can choose to show the Bing image of the day as your lock screen wallpaper.  The music controls automatically hide, allowing you to enjoy the artist wallpaper more.

Camera: Since my camera button is not working anymore, I was not able to take videos.  Now, with the 7.8 update, I can take videos again with just a tap on the screen.  Which reminds me, Alcatel’s One Touch View does not have a camera button.

Accent colors:  From the previous 10, you can select from 20 accent colors.

Languages: More languages and keyboards are available.

Looking for the update?  The Windows Phone 7.8 is starting to roll out gradually throughout February.  To check for updates, connect your Windows Phone to Zune, go to settings, and click update.


Video courtesy of Nokia Conversations.

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