Nokia Lumia apps for your New Year’s resolutions

Posted on January 7, 2013


It’s that time of the year again when everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions.  To help stick to these promises, here are some Windows Phone apps exclusive for Nokia Lumia:

Nokia DriveLearn how to drive: Nokia Drive

Nokia Drive allows you to download maps so you can view them even when you are offline.  With voice navigation, you could even pair it with your car via Bluetooth so you can navigate hands free.  That reduces the worry of new drivers who are afraid to get lost while driving.



Nokia Climate Mission 3DGo green and be more eco-friendly: Nokia Climate Mission 3D

There are three types of game in Nokia Climate Mission.  As you play along, it shows your best practices on how to help save the environment.




CountersMake more personal phone calls instead of sending text messages: Counters

Counters serve dual purposes: Watch if you are approaching your monthly limit; and compare how much you are sending text messages as compared to making phone calls.  It even shows your top contacts, so you are reminded if you are sending to much text messages as compared to making more personal phone calls.



BloombergInvest wisely: Bloomberg

Stay updated with the latest business and finance news with Bloomberg.  You can even add stocks to watch so you know how your investments are faring.




App HighlightsThere are lots of other resolutions we can try this year, and there are lots of apps which can help in making them come true.  Try App Highlights, and discover your companion in helping you succeed.





Remember, these apps are exclusive for Nokia Lumia so you could only download them through your phone.  Don’t worry, links have been formatted so they will automatically open the Store app when you are browsing on your phone.  Happy New Year!

Images used courtesy of Windows Phone.

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