My Windows Phone highlights for 2012

Posted on December 27, 2012


I was having a hard time thinking of what to write for this week’s blog post so I tried reading my previous posts for ideas.  Looking back, I remembered some of the events that happened which made it memorable thanks to Windows Phone.

1. Rediscovered a passion

I was once part of the UP Diliman Programming Team which competed in programming contests such as the ACM ICPC.  I loved programming, but that time, I think competitive programming was not meant for me.  Years later, I was challenged when we were given the chance to learn how to develop apps for Windows Phone.  While I did not have any background in .NET, it didn’t stop me from publishing my first three apps.  Now, I have ten apps in the Windows Phone Store, and I am excited to contribute more to the current 120,000 apps that are available for downloading to 191 countries, up from the previous 35.

2. Met Nokia Lumia 800

I was probably among the first to own a Nokia Lumia in the Philippines, as we got to meet each other three months before it was formally launched in the Philippines.  Since then, my everydays were amazing, as the Nokia Lumia campaign motto says.  I even had my phone as a “birth-date” on my special day.  Soon, we will be celebrating our anniversary, and hoping for more amazing everydays to come.

3. Almost made it to the Imagine Cup

My team (Team Tala) for the Windows Phone category of the Imagine Cup 2012 was hastily formed.  With only a few days left before the deadline, I contacted some of the Microsoft Student Partners to join our team.  I was not really confident that our team would make it to the next round, as I didn’t feel our entry was a strong one.  Luckily, we were one of the two Filipino teams who got to the top 100.  While we didn’t place in the top 3, we were still fortunate as initially, there were more than 3000 teams who joined this category.  I learned a lot from this experience, which I can use should I join next year’s Imagine Cup.

4. Joined LumiaNation

Nokia Lumia was launched in the Philippines last April.  I was able to join the event thanks to my Nokia Lumia.  Later, I got to join two Nokia community events: The Dark Knight Rises screening and Rise of the Guardians screening.  I also got invited to Nokia Developer events like the Windows Phone 8 talk held in Globe and a dinner with other fellow Nokia developers.  I am looking forward not only to joining these community events, but as well as contributing and helping these communities grow.

5. Got introduced to Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 was launched later this year, and lots of people were excited with the new devices that came with it.  While it has not launched in the Philippines yet, I am glad that I got the chance to meet them in person.  I was able to try the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, HTC 8X, and the Samsung ATIV S, and next year, I wish one of them would be part of my highlights for 2013.

2012 Windows Phone Highlights

How about you, what made 2012 a memorable year?

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