More exclusive apps for Nokia Lumia users

Posted on November 22, 2012


Back in summer, I showed some of the Nokia Lumia exclusives for Windows Phone.  However, they were all created by Nokia.  Thanks to Nokia and its partners, the number of exclusive offerings keeps on growing, providing us a better Windows Phone experience.  Here are some of those apps that came to the Windows Phone platform, that were products of those partnerships.
Angry Birds Roost

Angry Birds Roost

Download exclusive content like wallpapers, ringtones, and videos.  Stuck in a particular level?  Watch the walkthrough videos included in this app.  Add more fun to your photos by using the photo editor and place your favorite Angry Birds characters in it.


Draw Something
Draw Something

Play charades even with your friends who are on other platforms.  This Zynga game is available for all Windows Phone devices, but for Nokia Lumia users, it is free.


Mirror's Edge
Mirror’s Edge

This is one of the exclusive EA games for Nokia Lumia along with The Game of Life, Connect 4, and Risk.  They are all Xbox Live titles, meaning more achievements and gamerscore.



Call and text all your friends on Viber, even those who are on other platforms, for free.  While the Viber Messenger is generally available to all Windows Phone devices, the Nokia version has call functionality.

Words With Friends
Words with Friends

Build words while looking for ways to score higher.  Play with your friends on other platforms.  This Zynga title is also available to all Windows Phone, but like Draw Something, it is also free for Nokia Lumia users.


Remember, these titles are all Nokia exclusives, so you can’t browse them in the Web.  Try downloading them in your phone, as the links are formatted to automatically redirect you to your phone’s Store app.  To download more apps for your Nokia Lumia, go to Store>Nokia collection, select any app, and tap “more from Nokia Corporation”.  Happy downloading!

Images used courtesy of Windows Phone.

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