It’s amazing to be part of Lumianation

Posted on September 13, 2012


It was Microsoft that said “It’s a great time to be a family”.  As a Nokia Lumia user, I say “it’s amazing to be part of Lumianation.”  One of the things I love about Nokia is the continuous support they give to their customers.  Among all the Windows Phone OEMs, Nokia is the only one consistent in giving out better experiences by providing exclusive apps as well as new features.

Nokia Family

After Nokia announced their new Windows Phone 8 offerings, they also made a commitment to support existing Nokia Lumia owners.  As mentioned in my blog post last week, updates for the Nokia Location Suite (Maps, Drive, Transport, and City Lens) will still be delivered.  New Lenses Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph will also be made available.

In addition, here are some of the new and exciting features that will be included:

  • A new Start screen look and feel, familiar from Windows Phone 8, giving you a whole new look the moment you unlock your phone
  • Ringtone maker app to selected markets to create a personal ringtone
  • Contact share app updated to support sharing over Bluetooth in addition to SMS and email
  • Bluetooth file transfer to send media files via Bluetooth from your Lumia device to any other phone

Nokia is also providing more exclusive apps by partnering with companies such as EA, Rovio, Zynga, Bloomberg, and Groupon.

Microsoft is also asking for user suggestions on what features of Windows Phone 8 do we want to appear on Windows Phone 7.8.  Feel free to contribute by visiting Feature Suggestions for Windows Phone.

Image used courtesy of Nokia.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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