Updates and appdates for Nokia Lumia

Posted on June 28, 2012


Lumia Tango Update

Today, Nokia Lumia has started to roll out updates for the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800.  This update brings the much awaited Internet sharing and Flip-to-Silence features.   To get this update, just plug-in your phone to your computer and start Zune (for PC) or Windows Phone Connector (for Mac).  More on this update on Nokia’s support page.

Also, Nokia has release new exclusive apps for Lumia users.

Camera Extras adds new features to the built in camera:

  • Smart Group Shot: Take different photos and choose the best face for each person.
  • Action Shot: Snap at moving targets easier and better.
  • Panorama: Create longer panorama shots as compared to Creative Studio.
  • Self-timer: No need to ask somebody to take your photos with this feature.

Play To allows you to stream photos, music, and videos to DLNA devices.

Play To

To get these apps, go to Marketplace and select “Nokia collection.”

For those who love trying new stuff, here are new apps to test from Nokia Beta Labs.

App Highlights 2.0 Beta lets you discover the newest and hottest apps in the Marketplace.

App Highlights 2.0 Beta

Nokia Transit 2.1 Beta helps you find the quickest route from one place to another.

Nokia Transit 2.1 Beta

Register at Nokia Beta Labs and be the first to try out new apps for Nokia Lumia.

An update for Nokia Maps is also available and fixes bugs for the photo sharing feature.

Nokia also announced a partnership with Zynga and will be bringing new games such as Words with Friends and Draw Something.  This games will be exclusive first to Nokia Lumia this year before  it will be available to other Windows Phone users.

Have you updated yet?

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