Windows Phone Easter Eggs

Posted on April 12, 2012


Easter eggs are decorated eggs given to celebrate Easter.  It can also refer to hidden or undocumented features in a given software.  Here are some Easter eggs in Windows Phone:

Smilies – It’s easier to express what you want to say with smilies.  While the keyboard allows you to access some smilies, there are lots of other smilies you can also use.

Windows Phone Smilies 1

Windows Phone Smilies 2

Keyboard – Another way of sending smilies is by using an umlaut.  To access accented characters, do a long tap on any character and it will display its accented versions.  Holding on .com will display .org, .edu and .net.  You can tap the space bar twice and it will automatically put a full stop (period) and space, and capitalize the next letter.  For easier access to numbers and symbols, you can tap and slide from the numbers or symbols button to the number or symbol you want to type, and the keyboard will go back to qwerty after.

Windows Phone Keyboard

Calculator – Need a scientific calculator?  Try rotating your phone to landscape and access more calculator functions.

Windows Phone Scientific Calculator

Calendar – The text in the month view of the calendar are random blurbs like “Hello from Seattle” which was originally seen in Zune.

Windows Phone Calendar

Games Hub – Your Xbox avatar does random things on its own.  You can also make it dance by playing music.  Shake the screen and your avatar will fall down.  When someone sends you a message through Xbox Live, it will hold an envelope.

Windows Phone Xbox Avatar

Internet Explorer and Bing- Ever encountered a word or phrase that you want to search about?  Highlight it, press the hardware search button and it will bring you to Bing with the search results for the highlighted text.

Windows Phone Internet Explorer and Bing

WiFi – For those using proxies, you can set them up by doing a long tap on the connection and selecting “edit.”

Windows Phone WiFi Proxy

Radio – The radio requires using headphones to act as antenna.  But you can also listen to it handsfree by doing a long tap on the station, and selecting “switch to speaker.”

Windows Phone Radio

Removing music from the volume bar – When you play music, the volume bar includes the controls so you can access music easier.  Even if you click on stop, it still displays the last music played.  If you want to remove it, you can play any video on your phone.

Windows Phone Volume Bar

Music wallpaper – Your phone’s lock screen changes depending on the song artist.  To set this, go to settings > lock+wallpaper and toggle “Show artist when playing music” to On.

Windows Phone Lock Screen

Do you know any other Windows Phone Easter eggs?  Share it with us by putting it in the comments section.  Happy Easter everyone!

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