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Posted on March 15, 2012


Imagine Cup is an annual technology competition by Microsoft for students.  In someways, it is like the Olympics as there are different categories to join.  The World Finals is also held in different countries every year.  For 2012, it will be held in Sydney, Australia.

There is another category for Windows Phone called Game Design: Phone.  In this category, students are to create games for Windows Phone using Silverlight or XNA.  Like the other categories, the theme is solving the world’s toughest problems like the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

Imagine Cup 2012 Australia

For the 2011 Imagine Cup, here are the winners for the Game Design: Phone:

1st place: Brainergy by Geekologic (France)

Brainergy is a Windows Phone 7 Serious Puzzle Game in which the player has to solve different challenges axed on renewable energy. Immersed in a realistic universe, the player has to use strategy to win through each level. From the beginning of his adventure, he is confronted with a polluted world; he has to use renewable energy to clean it. Each level is a district where the player has some objects at his disposal: converters and deflectors. He needs them to bring energy particles all the way to a target in order to supply the district with renewable energy. He places and rotates these objects so as to make them work with each other. The available objects represent the challenge of a district, and they provide to the player a way to manipulate up to seven energy types. The goal is therefore to collect, convert, and transport energy, in order to supply, first districts, then cities, and ultimately the whole wide world with energy. During the progress of the game the player sees the clouds disappear and becomes aware of the influence he can have on the world if he changes his habits.

2nd place: Hilomi by Close World Mobile (France)

Hilomi is a little child living on a peaceful planet along with other species, one of which doesn’t pay attention to the planet. She cannot accept it and thus  decides to change their behavior. The game is a puzzle-platform running on Windows Phone 7. The touch screen is used to interact with the game elements and solve the puzzles.

3rd place: Azmo the Dragon by Team Dragon (United States)

Asthma is the most common chronic illness in children and costs the US $19.7 billion annually in avoidable ER visits and lost productivity. Today’s asthma care paradigm is seen as a chore by many children. The tedium of daily asthma logs as well as the inconsistency of peak flow readings has led to adherence rates hovering around 50% for over two decades. But what if youth were compelled to play a more active role in managing their illness just because it was fun? Azmo the Dragon is a step in that direction. Youth play as a dragon visiting different worlds. RPG elements allow you to level skills. Tear through castles using melee attacks and prepare for the final battle with your fire breath. Fire is blown by correctly using a spirometer, a portable lung volume measurement device, which records children’s lung functions for review by a physician. Once civilizations are destroyed, Azmo must wait 8-12 hours real-time for them to rebuild. These valuable lung function measurements help pulmonologists understand the progression of a child’s asthma (or cystic fibrosis) and deliver better care. Children in even the most remote areas of Africa have access to mobile phones. Spirometry readings can be sent  wirelessly to the closest doctor and analyzed to determine if the child needs to visit a hospital. Children play an active role in their health simply by enjoying a game on their phone. We present our take on the future of healthcare communication, where technology helps solve the toughest problems.

Microsoft Innovation Universe: Imagine Cup

Watch the Local Finals of the Software Design during the Microsoft Innovation Universe on March 23, 2012 at the SM Megatrade Hall.  Registration is FREE* plus Microsoft Designer and Developer Tools are to be given away to early birds.  Prizes will also be raffled through the day so sign up for the event by going here:

*don’t forget to bring your IDs so Microsoft can verify if you are a student or a faculty member

If you have any questions or inquiry about this event, please e-mail

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