Help solve the world’s toughest problems in Imagine Cup 2012

Posted on March 8, 2012


Imagine Cup is an annual technology competition by Microsoft for students.  In someways, it is like the Olympics as there are different categories to join.  The World Finals is also held in different countries every year.  For 2012, it will be held in Sydney, Australia.

One of the categories is the Windows Phone Challenge.  This year’s edition is sponsored by Nokia, where students are tasked to create Windows Phone apps that helps solve the world’s toughest problems.  Some of these can be from the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.  Other ideas can also be found in Nokia’s IdeasProject.

Imagine Cup: Windows Phone Challenge

For the 2011 Imagine Cup, here are the winners for the Windows Phone Challenge:

1st place: Peekaboo by HOMERUN (South Korea)

Peekaboo is a fun application for communication between family members. Peekaboo enables members to send messages efficiently without limits of space and time. It is a system that combines a treasure-hunt game with a private network dedicated just to your family. Peekaboo is a user-centric UI and has a usability that can be accessed in a variety of devices, and is composed of a variety of monsters and characters that can be created by you. We hope family members can develop a loving and closer bond by using Peekaboo.

2nd place: Hot Potato by Zipi Zigi (South Korea)

“Spot it, and solve it” Hot potato is an application that shows a simple path for users to follow to solve global issues spontaneously. It is a new media with raw information from all over the world, which help reduce public indifference and provides a space where users can participate directly or indirectly. Through the spots on the Bing map, a user can see both 15 most important issues and 3 new ones. The spot’s size will vary depending on the degree of the public interest, letting users to know the relative importance. Every spot has a special meaning which is a ‘history’. Each spot is like a history book of that one independent problem. The design like a book, will give people an impression that their small act such as donating, writing comments, uploading information, and doing volunteer work is becoming a part of our history. Through the cumulated information on the timeline, more and more users can learn about the problem and see the problems progress. Hot Potato is an application that records the present and makes the future. We hope the users gain consistent interest in global matters and learn about the facts properly. Know the issues, be the history and share your concerns through our application. The change will start from you.

3rd place: Computer-assisted Mobile Microscopy by The Lifelens Project (United States)

Lifelens introduces an innovative point-of-care Windows Phone 7 application to address child mortality rates caused by the lack of detection and availability of treatment for malaria. The solution has immense potential to reduce the cost of diagnosis and enable children around the world to be treated with the current amount of funding. The particular magnitude of malaria in child mortality rates is staggering. With a mortality of 15–20%, there are over one million deaths per year due to malaria, 85% of fatalities occurring with children under 5 years of age. Lifelens hopes to directly address the major problem of reducing child mortality rates throughout the world by providing a robust mobile diagnostic solution for malaria patients. The premise of Lifelens project is to digitally characterize blood cells and parasites, and provide computer vision analysis of cells through single image acquisition of low-volume blood smears by peripheral finger pricks.

Ready to step up to the challenge?  Register and join the Imagine Cup.  Since it’s the 10th edition of the Imagine Cup, they are also giving away prizes, including a trip to Sydney, Australia for free!  Just put “#10” in the referral code so that you will be included the raffle.

Microsoft Innovation Universe: Imagine Cup

For this year, there will also be a local finals for the Software Design category as part of the Microsoft Innovation Universe on March 23, 2012 at the SM Megatrade Hall.  Students and faculty members are invited to join and witness who will represent the Philippines in the World Finals.  Microsoft Designer and Developer tools will be given away to early birds and other prizes will be raffled throughout the day.  Registration is free* so what are you waiting for?  Sign up here:

*don’t forget to bring your IDs so Microsoft can verify if you are a student or a faculty member

If you have any questions or inquiry about this event, please e-mail

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