Nokia at the Mobile World Congress 2012

Posted on March 1, 2012


Last year, Microsoft and Nokia announced their partnership, a few days before the Mobile World Congress 2011.  Today, at the Mobile World Congress 2012, here are the updates from Microsoft and Nokia, particularly for the Windows Phone line, Lumia.

Nokia Drive – an update is in the works where it can be used offline, allowing the users to save their destination beforehand.  Also, speed limit notifications will be implemented, allowing the user to use the device as an actual car navigation device.

Nokia Reading – it organizes new streams, books, and audiobooks into one hub.  With news, it displays them such that it looks like a digital magazine, allowing you to pin to Start news that you want.  Tiles will also dynamically change as information comes along.

Skype Beta

Skype Beta – With Nokia Lumia 900’s front camera, video calls are now possible.  Contacts are presented Metro style, and users can still send IM’s as well as do audio calls.  Download Skype Beta.




Nokia Lumia 610 – With just 256 MB RAM and 800 MHz processor, it still performs well thanks to the Windows Phone’s optimization.  With lower system requirements, it now opens opportunities to more affordable Windows Phone devices.

Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Transport – this app provides timetables for trams, trains and buses.  Schedules can also be pinned to Start so that you will know when the next train or bus will come.

Nokia Maps and Bing Maps – they are now integrated to provide a better map experience for everyone.  These integrated maps will be available to all Windows Phone devices.  Below is Bing Maps and Nokia Maps.

Bing Maps and Nokia Maps

Watch Nokia’s press conference at the Mobile World Conference 2012 here:

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