My favorite Windows Phone Games, Part 2

Posted on February 23, 2012


Last week, I featured 7 games, one for each category in the Windows Phone Marketplace.  There are 14 categories, and here are my favorites for the remaining 7 categories:

Blocked In Freepuzzle + trivia: Blocked In Free

Join the other 300K people who downloaded Blocked In. This is “the must have puzzle game” of the marketplace.

Blocked In is a simple but really addictive puzzle game where the goal is to get the colored block out of the board. You do this by moving the other blocks vertically or horizontally to clear the way.

With 600 unique puzzles this game will keep you entertained for a long time.


– Choose one of the 3 unique themes that fits your style

– Play 600 unique puzzles in 2 level packs

– 2 game modes: Earn stars with the Challenge mode, simply complete levels with the Relax mode

– Get help via the hint feature when you get stuck

– Playback your moves and see how you solved each level

Coming soon:

– More themes

– More levels

– and other suprises…

Your 5 star reviews will keep updates coming. Please let us know how we can improve Blocked In. For support please contact

Version History:

2.9 – 2.8

– Mango fast app switching

– Improved hints

– Improved stability


– Fixed some major bugs

– Fixed Mango performance issues


– Added hints, playback, multiple game modes


– All new version. Re-designed with themes, and multiple level packs

Warpracing + flying: Warp

Warp is a high speed racing game with amazing 3D graphics where you control a spaceship that can move around a tube at 360 degrees.

Control the spaceship by tilting your phone left or right. Avoid obstacles inside the tube, catch different types of bonuses, and advance from level to level.

The full version will unlock the following features:

– An infinite number of levels (the trial version is limited to the first 4 levels).

– New bonuses

– New types of obstacles

– Ability to publish your score to an online global leaderboard

New in version 1.1:

– The text notification for power-ups now leaves the screen quickly

– In the full version you can publish your score to the new online leaderboard

Imperiumrole playing: Imperium

Introducing Imperium!, The first free RPG Turn-Based game for Windows Phone.
Imperium is an exciting world where you are able to conquer and train more than 60 Imperators in your quest to defeat the evil Imperators.

If you like Pokemon-type-game, you’ll fall in love with Imperium.

Imperium features:
– More than 60 Imperators
– Over 100 unique attacks and abilities
– Status changes
– More than 150 challenges
– Legendary and Super Legendary Imperators

Enjoy Imperium and led your team into Victory!



Chromaticshooter: Chromatic

Latest Notes: Fixed some performance issues

Chromatic is an addictive 2-D shooter where you control a turret and must defend against waves of attacking enemies. Level-up six

unique guns and three unique powerups, each with its own color and power. String together multi-kills for massive points and try to make the global leaderboard!

Features cool neon graphics, custom sound effects, original music, as well as all-time, weekly, and friends leaderboards.

ChromaticPro is also available in the marketplace for ad-free gaming.

Update v1.3,v1.4:
-Bug fixes

Update v1.2:

-Powerups have been added! Level-up and equip the Nuke, Shield, and Multiplier-Bonus powerups for even higher scores.
-Mango support for fast app switching. Wow!
-Crazy Perf improvements!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Help screen added

Mars Runnersports + recreation: Mars Runner

Help the human race survive and move up through the ranks to become the next president of Mars by playing Mars Runner!

The year is 2323 and humans have exhausted all of Earth’s resources. In an attempt to preserve life, the Planetary Governing Council (PGC) has decided to begin the colonization of other planets. After much deliberation, Mars was chosen as their best chance for a successful colonization. In order to ensure the safety of future colonists, PGC has sent out a troop of ships to scan the surface of Mars for habitable regions. Your mission is to help PGC with the colonization by helping with their surface scanning efforts.

While traveling along the surface, avoid rocks at all costs by tilting the phone left and right. By pressing down on the screen and holding, a burst of your fuel is used to slow down time and allow you to make evasive maneuvers as you navigate through the rocky Martian terrain. The more ground you cover on the surface of Mars, the higher your score will be. There are also bonuses presented for exploring tunnels. The person with the highest score will be named president of Mars, so don’t forget to check the leader boards and dynamic ranking system to see where you lie in the emerging Mars government.

Lastly, PGC has given you some special side missions to complete. Completing these missions will help you along the way to becoming the next president of Mars. When you pass a given mission, you will receive a special trophy to commemorate your hard work and bravery. You can view these trophies by clicking on the trophies button in the main menu.

Game features include:

– 100% free

– 3D graphics

– Interactive game controls to maneuver ship using the phone’s accelerometer

– Background music, sound effects, and vibration on collisions

– Global high score system with rankings

– Achievement trophies for best times and impressive statistics

Version 1.1:

Small bugfixes

Shuriken Ninjastrategy + simulation: Shuriken Ninja

Master the art of the Ninja Star
• top 10 free game
• Download, play, rate user sets
• Over 150 levels

• In-Game level creator
• 3 different modes to play
Use the level creator to create fun levels for yourself and others when you upload. You can rate, download, and play popular user sets so you’ll always have new levels to challenge yourself with!

In versions > 1.14 if we use your uploaded levels as official levels we may make your version ad free in a future update. Keep those levels coming!

The ninja stars are physics based and will ricochet or stick to different surfaces. Get the right angle to break the targets.

What’s changed in the versions?

– More Master levels
– Graphic/Sound tweaks
– Silver and Bronze stars now possible

– Fixed wood wall collision sound bug

– Added quit, continue, retry button to back button during gameplay

– Added dotted line to show throw trajectory

– Updated various sounds

– Fixed shuriken going through metal walls bug

– Level 116 and others will now work again with above bug fix


– New “Master” mode.

– 2 new weapons

– 2 new targets

– Refined menu

– Gameplay music back


– Button to remove ads

– User level screen loading bug


– Paid version integrated


– Graphics overhaul

– More levels!

– Download, rate, play user created content


– More levels!

– Updated ad dll

– Removed in-game music


– More levels!


– Built in level designer


– Level 2 bug should be fixed!

– Loading bug fix

– Resume bug fix

– Error tracking removed

(More content next update, we promise! (Built in level creator sound good? It’s on the way!))


-Bug fixes

-Error tracking


-New play mode

-More levels


-Various enhancements


-Fixes various bugs/issues

-Added star rating to levels

Xbox LIVE Extrasxbox companion: Xbox LIVE Extras

Xbox LIVE Extras extends your Xbox LIVE experience on Windows Phone 7. Download it for free and customize your avatar on the go! Don’t forget to check the marketplace for the latest avatar clothes and accessories. There you can find the most popular items and browse for your favorite brands and games. For more info, go to


Want more games?  Check out last week’s list.  Happy playing everyone!

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