My favorite Windows Phone Games, Part 1

Posted on February 16, 2012


Who doesn’t love games?  For this week and next week, let’s play some games.  There are 14 categories for games, and here are my favorites for the first 7 games.

Physi Bricksaction + adventure: Physi Bricks.

A physics powered game in which the goal is to knock green blocks off the screen using many different types of ammo.

Play many unique levels with unique ammo types including: Stone, Explosive, Detonateable Explosive, Disintigrator, Implosion, Anti-Gravity, Magnet, and Color Swap balls. Can you figure out what ammo to use to get the highest score?

Version 1.7 Update:
* Added 30 New Levels!
* Fixed bug that made it impossible to get 3 Hearts on levels 49 and 75.
* Polishing off Level Editor…hopefully completed within a week.

Version 1.6 Update:
* Added 30 New Levels!
* Added Portals

Version 1.5 Update:
* Fixed problem with selecting ammo

Version 1.4 Update:
* Added 30 New Levels!
* Added 2 New Ball Types
* Added New Brick Type
* Fixed bug where sometimes ammo would not unlock

Version 1.3 Update:
* Fixed nasty bug where only stone balls are available for first 30 levels!

Version 1.2 Update:
* Added 30 New Levels!
* Added Pivot Joint
* Added Help Menu with Skip or Walkthrough Video
* Added Reset Scores Option
* Added Vibration On/Off Option
* Improved Level loading performance

Version 1.1 Update:
* Fixed game crash that was affecting some countries.
* Fixed unbeatable levels that was affecting some countries (Level 7).
* Fixed large text on first 3 levels that was affecting some countries.
* Improved performance when many bricks fall off the screen at same time.
* Added “Rate” button.

If you get stuck on a level, check out the video walkthrough at

Naval War Freecard + board: Naval War Free.

New: more achievements and two new Super Weapons!

The most downloaded naval war game, from the creators of the #1 Checkers app, the #1 Backgammon App and the #1 Reversi app!

Sink your opponent ships before yours are sunk. Advance from Recruit up to Admiral of the Fleet, choose from three difficulty levels and play:

– SUPER WEAPONS: choose many advanced weapons, including for example sea mines, carpet bombing, and the massive BFG-9000 super weapon. Use many different planes, helicopters and bombs.
– MULTI-SHOT mode: shoot many times per turn, to make the game go faster – as many times as you have ships floating
– CLASSIC play mode: one shot per turn

Text in English and Spanish.

Enjoy the game!


1.6 – 2 more achievements, 2 more super weapons, more levels after Admiral of the Fleet, bug fixes
1.5 – bug fixes
1.4 – Super Weapons, more Achievements, bug and performance fixes.
1.2 – Achievements, bug fixes.
1.1 – Spanish, faster UI.

Snake '97classics: Snake ’97.

Play Snake like it is 1997. This is a remake of the original Snake, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds.

It is as addictive (and frustrating) as the original, play Snake ’97 and be prepared to loose some productive hours.

Simply launch the app, touch a button and start!

Snake ’97 features:

– old school controls

– original sounds

– 9 original and 2 extra difficulty levels

– a high score that cannot be reset (just like the original)

– in trial mode you can earn up to 250 points!

The story behind this game is that my modern smartphone got damaged in an Amsterdam bar…, requiring me to revert back to an old phone. Suddenly I knew the modern smartphone was missing something and the idea for a accurate Snake remake was born.

Snake ’97 is an homage to the classic mobile phone game programmed in 1997.

By carefully analyzing the classic gameplay, timing and controls, this Snake ’97 remake is one of the most accurate available.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Have Snake fun!

Best regards from Amsterdam,

The developer,


Unscrambleeducational: Unscramble.

#1 free game in the Educational category. Play the word game every one is talking about.

Test your knowledge of English by unscrambling words within 45 seconds. Each time you correctly unscramble a word, you are presented with a new word that is just a little bit more difficult. The more you play, the more difficult the game gets.

Update details version 1.4
New feature: Players earn a skip for every 1000 points earned.

Update details version 1.3
User interface improvements
Added code for error reporting
Implemented Remove Ads button
Username will only accept alphanumeric characters

Update details version 1.2
-Added 20,000 plus new words. These new words will be available for play if player’s high score is greater than 1600.
-Fixed bug that crashed game while music was being played (thanks to the users that reported this bug)
-Displaying helpful tips on first time game start up. Some players have reported that often the letters presented can form multiple words (eg. now and own), but the game will only accept one word. This is not a bug, but how the game is designed. To find the correct word, the Hint button can be used.
-Displaying username on menu page
-New game start up splash screen.
-Changed color of buttons so they stand out more

Thanks to all the players for such a great response. Please take the time to report any issues to

Update details version 1.1

– Leaderboard implemented. View your daily, weekly and overall rank and see how you compare amongst other players.

– Displays the skipped word

– New game over page

– Review me button

– Fixed some in game issues

Look to word meanings for hints. However, use this with caution as doing so reduces the points for the word by half.

Skip a word if it is too difficult and/or if you are running out of time. Maximum of three skips are allowed per game.

Nom Nom Wormfamily: Nom Nom Worm.

The Nom Nom Worm is hungry! Hurry and feed the poor Nom Nom Worm. However the Puffers loom around the feeding ground, wanting to be friends with Nom Nom Worm. However they have very pointy ends that can spell the end for Nom Nom Worm if they touch him.

1.5 Update: Updated to Mango!

– Tilt the phone to control Nom Nom Worm

– Post your high score on global leaderboards

– Fun gameplay that everyone in the family can enjoy

– Perfect time waster for your busy life!

HangTunesmusic: Hangtunes.

** UPDATE: Crash issue when playing a song is now fixed. **

HangTunes rocks! That’s what I’m hearing from folks who have played this unique twist on the classic Hangman game. How well do you know you’re own music library? How about all those albums you haven’t listened to in a while? Get re-connected with the music you love through HangTunes.

With HangTunes, puzzles are based on songs from your own music library. Check out the song’s cover art as hint when solving each puzzle. Help Rocky reach the top of the rock world in CAREER mode. Or for free play, HangTunes features a CLASSIC game mode in which you solve the puzzle from scratch, and a LIGHTNING mode for even faster play. Finish the puzzle and be the hero!

HangTunes creates an interesting concert environment as your game setting, and spotlights the beautiful cover art from your favorite tunes. When a song comes up that you haven’t listened to in a while, feel free to take a break and listen to the entire song before continuing to the next puzzle. If you’re a stats person, HangTunes will track complete stats for you including hit rates and longest win streaks.

Check out HangTunes today, and experience your music in a whole new way.

Cartridgeplatformer: Cartridge.

After his father is kidnapped by Glitch, the tyrant bird king, Cartridge the tiger cub sets out on a great adventure to bring him home.

Cartridge is a platformer inspired by classic Nintendo games such as Mario, Metroid, and Megaman. You will collect coins, gain power-ups, toss acorns, defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and journey through a beautiful world of 48 interconnected levels.

Can you defeat the tyrant bird king? Can you rescue your father? Can you find all six bonus stages?

Includes a “Quick Play” mode that randomly shuffles through levels you’ve finished. How long can you survive?

Update 1.1

Tilt the phone to switch to widescreen controls
May cause a performance hit on older phones
Portrait controls are still recommended
Increased touch area for on-screen d-pad and buttons
Small level changes
Small bug fixes

Technical difficulties? Suggestions? Email us at


Happy playing!

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