My favorite Windows Phone Apps, Part 2

Posted on February 9, 2012


Last week, I mentioned that there are 16 categories for apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Here are my favorites for the remaining 8 categories:

Live Kaleidoscopephoto: Live Kaleidoscope.

Live Kaleidoscope turns live feed from your phone’s camera to a Kaleidoscopic view. Point your phone to your loved ones and the app slices and dices the image to create vivid swirling live patterns.

Choose to rotate the phone yourself or be lazy and make the app do it for you.

Upload your Kaleidoscope’s view to facebook or save as a picture (hit the camera shutter button) and play a game of guessing what/who’s in it.

The app also allows to pick pictures from the phones media library.

For feedback, questions and other information please visit

Update v1.7

Removes advertisement.

Update v1.5

> Added sharing on facebook
> Fixed other bugs like flash getting enabled or saved picture not exactly matching the live view

Emotisocial: Emoti.

Emoti allows you to type 800 beautiful emoticons in your text messages. Add personality to emails, text messages, notes, and more with Emoti! Have fun writing and receiving messages. 🙂

– 800 emoticons! BIGGEST emoticon collection!
– Makes texting much more fun!
– Create text messages with emoticons!
– Send them to your contacts via email or text message.
– Share it as status message on facebook, twitter or google.
– Copy/Paste to email, notes etc…
– Impress your friends and family with your creative messages.
– Emoticons shows in the inbuild messages and e-mail app. (Fast switch to inbuild message and email app)
– Emoticons shows on other devices as well: Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Mango running WP7 devices and a few Androids…
– And most importantly app is FREE!
– Have fun and dont forget to click send icon in messages. 🙂

What others say about Emoti:
“Awesome and wicked fun! :-)”
“Hella fun!!!! Makes texting hella funny”
“Great app! Love how I can text it to a friend with an iPhone. It works great.”

ESPN ScoreCentersports: ESPN ScoreCenter.

ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores, news, and standings from hundreds of sports leagues around the world.

Never miss another goal, pitch, basket, try, touchdown or wicket. Whether you follow the NFL or the Premier League, the Ashes or MLB, MMA or Formula One, ScoreCenter offers the most comprehensive global sports coverage available on your Windows Phone.

ScoreCenter Features:

* Personalized scoreboards and live look-ins into gamecast for play-by-play, in-game stats, boxscores, and game summaries

* myTeams: Follow your favorite teams in one place. Pop in to get scoring updates or catch up on news coverage of your favorite teams from ESPN and from local sources

* The Lead: Stay on top of the most important live events of the day, read up on breaking news and analysis, and watch just-cut video clips

* Deep news and analysis across dozens of leagues, powered by ESPN’s ‘round-the-clock editorial staff

* Follow teams from hundreds of leagues including:

– NFL Football

– NBA Basketball

– NCAA Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse, Water polo, and more

– Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and hundreds of additional soccer leagues and tournaments

– NHL Ice Hockey

– MLB Baseball

– NASCAR, Formula 1, Indycar

– Golf

– Tennis


– Cricket

– Rugby

…with more added all the time…

Follow us @scorecenter on Twitter for updates or to ask questions and provide feedback.

moBudgetpersonal finance: moBudget.

moBudget is a friendly and powerful budgeting and expense tracking application. It will help you drive and organize both your personal income and outcome budgeting.

Take it with you, record your data and you will see how money won’t cause you a headache anymore!

Main features

• Live tile with indicators – new on mango!
• Charts for almost everything
• Can pin quick transaction tiles to Start screen new on mango!
• Today Hub featuring a main dashboard with intelligent indicators
• Upcoming and overdue payments, incomes, bills
• Color-based budget bar graphs for easier reading
• Easy and quick input for tracking either expenses, incomes or transfer between accounts
• Budgets adjustment helper
• Actual balance vs budget balance
• Accounts and credit cards usage recording *
• Cash flow bar graphs and out of funds predictions *
• Goals for tracking achievements (debt pay or savings)
• Credit card payment estimations and warnings
• Credit card bill auto-generation on cut-off date
• Can create future transactions and schedule recurrent transactions
• Multi currency support
• Account balances reconciliation
• Security PIN for data protection
• Encrypted backups
• Easy month back and forth navigation
• Customizable colors scheme

* Calculated: will not access your bank information.

There is also a FULL(paid) version which:
– Has no Ads
– Loads faster
– No limit for categories and accounts
– Allows scanning receipts
– Automatic backups
– Bill reminders integration to WP7
– Export transactions to CSV/Excel

We’ll be reading your feedback but can’t answer from here.

Visit to contact or request features.

QR Business Cardbusiness: QR Business Card.

QR (quick read) barcodes are a quick and easy way to share information between mobile devices.

“QR business card” allows you to create several different business cards with different information in them. For example you can have a personal and work card as well as one with just your e-mail address.

To share a card tap on the card to open it and then go to the page with the QR barcode. Let your friend scan the barcode with his mobile device.

To receive a card on a Windows Phone 7 device open Bing and tap on the Visual Search icon. Scan the QR barcode and import it in your contact list. On iPhone, Blackberry or Android use an appropriate QR reader application.

Never run out of business cards again!

Dictionarybooks + reference: Dictionary.

Dictionary is an interactive English Dictionary containing over 100,000 words and definitions. The definitions are stored locally for maximum responsiveness, without the need for a data connection. The home page contains a randomly selected word cloud which will pique your curiosity, while the search box allows you to find specific words easily. As you type, Dictionary homes in on the word you are looking for. Then you can follow the links in the definition page to get more word definitions. Wildcard letters can be used to help with word games where only some of the letters are known.

New in Version 2.2:

Words in the definition page are linked to their own definition.
Improved wildcard matching includes period (.) for single character and comma (,) for zero or more characters and limited regular expression matching.
Improved formatting of definition page.
Cleaner user interface when typing in search term.
Word cloud shows words more quickly.
New format and animation settles after a brief period.
Email definitions.

Graph Toucheducation: Graph Touch.

Graph Touch is a scientific calculator with a powerful numeric solver and graph plotter. The numeric solver can be used to calculate numeric solutions for equations as well as maxima, minima and zero crossing. The graph can be paned and zoomed by two-fingers. A history list shows the last used equations and results.

Graph Touch is designed to feel go to the user. It’s fast to use, only a minimum of manual inputs are required to finish a task. It is fee and without adds.

US Constitutiongovernment + politics: US Constitution.

The US Constitution in its entirety.

The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States
The Bill of Rights

For more information please visit
Also included: rss feed

If you’ve missed last week’s blog post, here it is.  Next week, we will feature games!  Until then, happy downloading!  🙂

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