Pictures Hub: One click to take a pic, one tap to share with your friends

Posted on December 22, 2011


Pictures Hub

Lots of reunions happen on Christmas.  Whether it be with friends or loved ones, taking pictures is  a great way to preserve memories.

With Windows Phone, all it takes is one click of a button to open the camera application.  After taking a picture, all it takes is a tap to share it through Facebook or SkyDrive.

You can select pictures to add to favorites so it will be easier for you to view it again.  The What’s New shows new pictures taken by your friends.  You can even tag people or comment on those pictures straight from your Windows Phone.

Customizing the background of the Pictures Hub is easy.  Just tap on the app bar and select which image you want to use.  Can’t decide which photo to use?  You can use your favorite pictures and let Windows Phone shuffle them for you.

Take pictures and share them easily with Windows Phone’s People Hub: 1 click to take a pic, 1 tap to share with your friends.

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