Music + Videos Hub: Bringing the Zune experience to Windows Phone

Posted on December 1, 2011


Music + Videos Hub

The holiday season is coming and we can here Christmas songs everywhere.  If you’re working in your PC’s, you can simply fire up Zune to play music or videos.  But what if you are in the a train or a bus, and you want to listen to songs or watch a movie?

Windows Phone organizes all of them in the “Music + Videos” Hub.  Sync music and videos via Zune which also acts as a music and video player.  You can also get more content by accessing the marketplace.  Third party music and video software are also available.  You can also opt to listen to FM radio.

Your most recently played music and videos are also displayed Metro style.  The same goes for newly synced or downloaded content.  The Music + Video tile also updates depending on the content that is playing.

Get the Zune experience in your Windows Phone through the Music + Videos hub.

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