Back to school apps from Windows Phone Marketplace

Posted on November 10, 2011


The second semester has just started for most colleges here in the Philippines so today, we are going to feature 10 useful back to school apps for your Windows Phone.

Adobe Reader – I personally prefer PowerPoint over PDF but I do understand that there are some professors who don’t want other people to edit their lectures.

Adobe Reader

Amazon Kindle – With over 750,000 Kindle Books available, chances are one of your school texts is here.  You can also sample the book first to see if it is the one required in your class.

Amazon Kindle

Dictionary – Definitions, synonyms, and antonyms for more than 100,000 words, you won’t be stumped next time you encounter a new word.


Flashcards – Do you use index cards to memorize terms?  Do your share for Mother Earth by using virtual cards instead.


i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote – Present like a rock star with this PowerPoint clicker.  You can see your current slide and notes to guide you during your presentation.

i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote (Lite)

Periodic Table – Think like Mendelev with your own Periodic Table of Elements in your phone.  It has information like atomic number and weight for all the elements.

Periodic Table Pro

Scientific Calculator – Whether in science or computer class, this calculator is useful as it can do trigonometry and logarithms, as well as converting binaries and hexadecimals.

Scientific Calculator

Translator – No more je nes comprends pas with this translator which can understand French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Unit Converter – No need to memorize how many inches in a yard, this unit converter can also do length, temperature, speed, time, volume, angle, weight, and area.

Unit Converter

Wikipedia – The free dictionary, which, according to Nature, is as accurate as Encyclopædia Britannica.  Just make to sure to check and cite your sources.

Looking for other back to school apps?  Go to Windows Phone Marketplace and select the education category.  Until my next blog post, class dismissed.

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