Lumia: Nokia and Microsoft bringing amazing everyday experiences to everyone

Posted on October 27, 2011


In February 2011, Microsoft and Nokia entered into a partnership.  Yesterday, at Nokia World 2011, they unveiled the fruit of their partnership, Lumia. Lumia are the first Windows Phone devices by Nokia and it initially comes in two models, the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

So what’s unique with these Nokia Windows Phones?

Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps makes navigation easier with by providing turn by turn directions along with real time GPS.  This service is free!

With Nokia Music, you can buy music tracks easier.  You could even stream music offline!

For sports fans, Nokia Windows Phone comes with ESPN sports hubs so you get updated with the latest stats, scores and fantasy highlights.

For photography aficionados, Nokia are the only Windows Phones that have Carl Zeiss lenses making the camera take better, high quality pictures.

In Nokia World 2011, it was also announced that Nokia 710’s back cover can be replaced.  Nokia will be producing a back cover for all the color accents in the Windows Phone themes.  They also have a partnership with Monster, makers of the famous Dr. Dre Beats, and will also come up with colorful headsets branded Purity.  How’s that for personalization?

Amazed?  Here’s a commercial of Nokia Windows Phone on amazing everyday experiences.

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