IE9: Beauty of the Web not only in desktops but Windows Phones too!

Posted on October 20, 2011


Most of the time, we usually look at the features of the browser when comparing them with each other.  But when Internet Explorer 9 came out, it made a bold move of letting the websites take the center stage, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of the web.  With the Mango update, we can now browser the Internet with our Windows Phone devices using the mobile version of IE9.

Websites that are in HTML 5 can now be viewed in Windows Phone.  Now, you don’t need a separate YouTube app to watch videos as you can now view the HTML 5 version of YouTube in IE9.  Websites can be also be viewed in IE7 compatibility mode in case they are not yet updated.

They say that humans are only able to use 6% of their brains on the average.  The same goes for most desktop applications, that only some of the available resources is being put into use.  But with IE9, it is able to utilized the graphics processor allowing a faster and smoother browsing experience.  As we all know, Windows Phone has a built in GPU bringing the same fast and smooth browsing experience from the desktop to the phone.

When we watch a movie, we usually enjoy it because of what we watched and not where we watched.  The same also goes for IE9.  IE9 allows the users to focus on the website and not the browser itself.  In the desktop version, we can see the menu bar is not displayed by default.  In Windows Phone, the address bar is integrated with the application bar giving more screen real estate.  This goes very well with one of the Metro principles: “content, not chrome.”

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In the meantime, here’s IE9 for Windows Phone in action:

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