United Colors of Windows Phone

Posted on October 6, 2011


One of the things I love about Windows Phone is that you can edit the theme of your phone.  This is done by tapping Settings then Theme.  You can choose light or dark for the background and ten colors for the accent color.  Here are the accent color choices:

A theme is used to make the look and feel consistent across different applications.  You can see below that the start screen as well as the applications adopt to the different themes set by the user.

The good news for developers is that they can create applications which can adopt to the theme of the phone.   Also known as theme aware applications, developers can use “PhoneAccentColor” to make their applications adopt the theme the phone is set to.

Aside from themes, Windows Phone also comes in a variety of colors.  Before, the first batch of Windows Phone came in black variants only, with HTC Mozart being unique for its asymmetrical designed back cover.  Fujitsu Toshiba released in September 2011 its IS12T which comes in magenta, citrus, and black.

Nokia, after it announced its partnership with Microsoft, came out with the its own rendition of Windows Phone.  Nokia, in Nokia World 2011, introduced Lumia, the first Nokia Windows Phone.

Other manufacturers like HTC and ZTE will also come out with white Windows Phones, with its Radar and Tania models, respectively.








See how Windows Phone looks like in different handsets and themes by going to http://apps.facebook.com/meetnewwpdemo/.

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