Windows Live Hotmail

Posted on May 4, 2011


Did you know that Windows Live Hotmail was originally called HoTMaiL? Founded in 1996, it is the first web-based email service and the capitalization obviously refers to HTML. Today, it is the most used web-based email service, and lots of new features have been introduced to make email more efficient.

One of its features is called Active View which allows you to interact with the content of your e-mail. When your friends send you Flickr pictures or YouTube videos, you don’t need to leave the page to be able to view it. Active View also allows you to have “real time emails” like tracking shipments or LinkedIn updates.

There is also Office Web Apps integration so you can view and edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint attachments even if you don’t have Microsoft Office in your desktop.

In addition to filtering and sorting options, messages can be viewed as conversations to make it easier to organize your inbox.

You can also chat with your Windows Live Messenger contacts in Hotmail. And if you have integrated your Facebook account with your Live account, you can also chat with your Facebook contacts.

You can also change the theme. If you use dynamic themes, it will change depending on the weather of your location!

Of course, you can also use an e-mail client like Windows Live Mail or even Outlook. For Outlook, you just need to download the Outlook Hotmail Connector to sync your Hotmail account.

Try Windows Live Hotmail and do email the efficient way!

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