.toolbox: Master Expression Studio while having fun!

Posted on April 13, 2011


One of the things I am often asked is where can you get resources to study Expression Studio? I always give out the official Expression website and forget that there is .toolbox. Like most online resources, it is free. All you need is a Live account and Silverlight installed.

.toolbox has courses which will guide you in learning. They are arranged from basic to advanced, with each course having an evaluation to test how much you have learned.

As you progress in .toolbox, you earn badges. You can see your badges as well as customize your avatar in the profile page.

Do those avatars look familiar? You can actually design different avatars and download them. This is where I actually got those avatars for one of my slides.

You can see the other users in the people page and get to compare how much you are faring.

.toolbox also provides you where to download software and links to other community websites where you can learn more about Expression Studio.

Try .toolbox and learn Expression Studio while having fun!