Windows Live Mail 2011

Posted on April 6, 2011


Windows Live Mail 2011 is an e-mail client for Windows Live Hotmail. You can also add email accounts like Gmail as well as Yahoo! Mail Plus.

To add an email account, go Accounts tab and click Email.

After doing so, it will then download all your email. What’s nice is even if your offline, you can still read your emails. You can also compose emails which will be saved in your outbox. The next time you go online, it will check your e-mail and send all emails in your outbox. You can also click F5 to automatically check and send emails.

To compose a new email message, go to the Home tab and click Email message. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + N. You can set the importance level, do a spell check, and even encrypt and digitally sign the email.

You can also organize your inbox as conversations where Windows Live Mail will automatically cluster together emails that have the same subject.

It also has a calendar where you can add events. You can send those events as emails.

Windows Live Mail is part of Windows Live Essentials.  You can get it for free here.

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