Deep Zoom Composer 101

Posted on March 30, 2011


Deep Zoom Composer allows you to create an image viewer for high-resolution pictures. You can zoom in or out without affecting the quality of the images.

When you open Deep Zoom Composer, you will be prompted by a welcome screen. In the Project tab, you can see previous projects as well as the option to start a new project. There is also a Learn tab which will redirect you to a user guide as well as online resources.

When creating a project, the first step is to import pictures.

Next step would be to compose. All you have to do is to drag the photo inside the working area and resize it. To zoom in or out, you can use scroll of the mouse.

When your done, click export.

You can view your deep zoom composition in any browser as long as you have Silverlight installed. To navigate, just use the scroll of your mouse. You can also double click to zoom in. There is a home button to go back to the main picture. Here’s the final result in Internet Explorer 9:

Learn more about Deep Zoom Composer by visiting the official website. Download it for FREE here.