Windows Live Writer 2011

Posted on March 23, 2011


Windows Live Writer 2011 is a WYSIWYG editor used for publishing blogs. It is compatible with SharePoint blogs, Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress, and other blogs that supports Really Simple Discovery format.

The first time you open Windows Live Writer, it will prompt you to select which blog are you using as well as details related to you blog. It will then download the theme of your blog as well as your old blog posts.

There are 3 possible views: Edit, which lets you edit your blog with the theme on the background; Preview, which shows how your blog will look after publishing it; and Source, which shows the HTML code generated by the blog post.

When you insert a picture, there are additional tools like cropping, rotating, and picture effects. You could even add a watermark which is very useful for bloggers who want to to protect their photos from being used by others.

When you’re done, you can choose to publish it online, save it as a draft online, or save it as a draft locally.

There are available plug-ins as well which you can download here to make your blogging experience easier and better.

Windows Live Writer is part of Windows Live Essentials.  You can get it for free here.

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