Expression Encoder 101

Posted on March 16, 2011


Expression Encoder is an encoding tool that can be used to convert digital videos from one format to another.  It can also be used to create Silverlight-based web videos and supports Silverlight controls and templates.

When we open Expression Encoder, we will be prompted to choose if we want to transcode, create a Silverlight project, or do Live Broadcasting.

After importing the videos, you can now choose the settings on how you want to encode the video.  You can choose the file format as well as the bitrate.  It can even support multiple bitrates, as Expression Encoder will actually encode one for each bitrate all at the same time.

You can trim the video and select which frames to retain.  Cropping can also be used to select the portions you want to show.

You can also change the metadata like Title, Author, Copyright, etc.  Thumbnails can also be set by choosing between the best frame, the 1st frame or, customizing it.

You can even compare the original and encoded versions so you can have an idea how much the quality has changed.

Expression Encoder is part of Expression Studio.  It is available in MSDNAA as well as DreamSpark.  You can also get the free trial version here.