Microsoft Office in Facebook?

Posted on January 26, 2011


Did you know you can access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in Facebook?  Docs is a Facebook application by Microsoft FUSE Labs that actually lets you view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

How do you get started?  You can search “Docs” or go to the app page directly.  If it is your first time to use Docs, you will be prompted with a Request for Permission.  Click “Allow” and you will be redirected to the Docs’ Home tab.

In the Home tab, you will see lots of sample documents and templates for making resumes and slide shows.

The My Docs tab shows the documents you have made.  You can even sort, filter or change how the documents are viewed.  Friends’ Docs tabs lets you see the documents your friends created and set the document’s privacy setting to public.  It looks the same as the My Docs tab, except for the addition of the filter for documents that you can edit.

Add a Doc is where you get started.  You can create a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, as well as upload an already created document.  This is very useful if you don’t have Microsoft Office.  The user interface is very similar to Office 2010 so you won’t be lost using Docs.

On the right panel, you will seen an option to edit viewers as well as editors.  You can also put tags as well as post the document on your wall.  On the bottom panel, there is a link which you can share to other people even if they are not logged in to Facebook.  Just make sure the the viewers is set to “Everyone” and your good to go.  Click me to see a sample document I created and shared using the link in the bottom panel.  🙂

Docs is still in Beta, so I’m sure there will be more features that will be released in the future.  Like the Docs’ Facebook fan page to learn more as well as get updates about Docs.  Here’s one of the videos from Microsoft FUSE Labs’ Youtube channel:

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