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Microsoft Office in Facebook?

January 26, 2011


Did you know you can access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in Facebook?  Docs is a Facebook application by Microsoft FUSE Labs that actually lets you view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. How do you get started?  You can search “Docs” or go to the app page directly.  If it is your first time […]

What is Expression Studio?

January 19, 2011


When we make our applications or websites, we usually have two groups working on it.  On one hand, we have the designers who creates the user interface to make our apps/websites more appealing.  On the other hand, we have developers, who put codes and logic to make our apps/websites useful.  However, the expected results are […]

Live@edu: Windows Live for the Academe

January 12, 2011


Windows Live is a set of services and software from Microsoft.  Some of them are accessible via browser, while there also client applications that allow you to access these services.  These services are actually free, all you have to do is sign up for a Live account.  If you have a or even an […]


January 5, 2011


I am sure everyone knows Microsoft as the one who make our PC’s run (Windows) and use to make documents, spreadsheets, and presentations (Office).  Some may even be familiar with its gaming console (Xbox) but there are lots of Microsoft technologies out there that we may not notice or are familiar with.  Hopefully, I will be […]